human being

Interested in spirituality, communication, psychology and art as an extension of consciousness.

Student of A Course in Miracles, I live in California with Nayana, my wife for the last 32 years.

Feel free to send a message: mirrorbook(at)me(dot)com or make contact through the form below.

I sincerely thank my teachers, friends and family, without whose support this would not have been possible:

Germán Herrera and Lina Martínez Negrete, my brothers and sisters, Mónica, Lina, Pablo y Diego, Luis Delgado Qualthrough, Don Gregorio Anton, Ariel Guzik, Steve Laufer, Virginia Ruano, Elizabeth Ferrer, Yaocí Pardo, Raúl Soruco, Linda Connor, Ella Zarum, Marcela Taboada, Vega Pao and Frank Gonzalez.

To my teachers through the years: Pablo Sotelo., Stellablu, Jacobo Grinberg, Seán O'laire, Ram, Aldo, Kia, Michael Ledwith, and many, many others I do not mention individually.

Lastly, to my dear wife and best friend, Nayana Rodriguez, who has lovingly nurished our life over the span of 34 years, and to the Loving Father who has led my path, without Him nothing would exist.
Send us a line and say hello, we rarely send out communications.
Thank you!
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